Our family supports environmental stewardship.

  • Clean Air Quality
  • Clean Water Quality
  • Energy Production
  • Erosion Control
  • Organic Production
  • Water Conservation
  • Wildlife Enhancement

We use farming practices that reduce adverse effects on our land and the energy we use to grow our rice. We are proponents of “Sustainable” energy and in 2013 we installed our second solar system. We continue to look for new conservation practices to implement on our farm to produce a healthier environment and a happy eco-system.

Our family’s rice season begins in March, when our family works hard to prepare the soil for planting. In April, the fields are flooded and then seeded by airplane. For the next four to five months we care for our fields as the rice grows towards maturity for harvest. In October, we harvest our rice and then send it to a nearby rice mill for final preparations.

The rice mill we chose to mill our "paddy" rice (rice is termed paddy until milled), has a state-of-the-art milling system and extensive taste testing to ensure that our premium rice products meet the high quality and safety standards our customers have come to expect. In fact, each truckload is cooked and taste tested prior to milling.

Therefore, we supply rice that is delicious for a variety of cuisines!