Our family was established in August of 1987 when Kelly and Johnna Ornbaun married. This union brought forth two children, Lindsay, age 27 and Logan, age 25, both of whom are involved and an integral part of our farm. Our farm is a true model of a working family farm. Kelly is the primary rice grower and farm manager. He prepares the ground each spring, floods the fields with water, and then seeds the fields with rice. Kelly is also the head irrigator, managing the water levels and monitoring the vigor and growth of our rice. Like a father doting over his children, he faithfully checks our rice and water levels early each morning and every evening at dusk. At harvest Kelly attends to all the harvesting equipment making sure everything is running properly and then he mans a harvester monitoring closely the moisture and yields of our rice. Once harvest is complete and the rice is safely stored in the warehouse Kelly changes his focus to marketing. He strives to meet the needs of local, national and international customers.

Johnna takes care of the day to day business financials and the promotional marketing tasks. And as a supporting wife, lends a hand each evening by joining Kelly to check the progress and growth of the rice during the growing season. At harvest, Johnna is again at Kelly's side running a harvester for a speedy and smooth harvest season.

Lindsay, our daughter attended and graduated from Texas Tech University in 2011 obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Communications and a Masterís degree in Agriculture Education in 2014. She currently teaches 1st Grade in Gunter, Texas. Lindsay assists on the farm in any capacity needed when she makes brief trips home. In her spare time she is our Texas sales representative, assisting with rice marketing in the southern states.

Logan, our son attended Butte College briefly before returning to the Ornbaun Family farm. Logan has farmed organic rice for the last 10 years, an FFA (Future Farmers of America) project which began his sophomore year of high school. Logan has been instrumental in assisting in the conversion of our farm to more organic production. He began with 20 acres and our farm now has 380 acres in organic production with an additional 236 acres in transition to organic production. In 2008 Logan was the 2008 FFA State Winner for Grain Production Entrepreneurship.

Although the unity of our family and farm began in 1987, farming has been present on both sides of our families for multiple generations. Our farming practices are a part of who we are and the reason we strongly support environmental stewardship. Since we were both raised in farming families; farming continues to be the focal point in our lives, the culture we truly love, and the heritage we will pass forward to future generations.